The official website for [bracket]games, creator of [out], Letters to Babylon, and Three Fourths Home.

Hey, it's a new website!

Oh, well, hello there!
Today's the day that our new website goes live!
I imagine that the vast majority of people reading this never visited our old site, and to you I say:
Welcome to our site! It has always been this clean and not at all ugly! Carry on.

To the few of you who did experience the broken old site: Welcome to the new and improved version! I hope you like it. Oh, thank you for the fruit bowl, we'll put it with the others.


The plan is to keep this site updated as much as possible; I'm writing or elbow-deep in Unity most days, but I'll try to make it a habit to update this area of the site at least once a week with some kind of news. It might just be a random screenshot I've already posted on Twitter, but it'll be something. Have to keep the spiderwebs at bay, yeah?

A couple of things about the site:

There are links to download [out] and Letters to Babylon on their pages in the "projects" tab over there on the left. See it? Great.

To download [.sleep] or [drink], visit the "Experiments" page in the same tab.

You can download the prototype for The Succession over in the "Prototypes" page.

Three Fourths Home is coming in soon (hopefully within the next two weeks). It's going to be our first "paid" game; the decision to charge for it was not an easy one to make, and I'll write about that sometime in the next week. In a nutshell, it boiled down to the amount of work put in, relative quality, and my current employment situation (it's... complicated). 

Anyway, when Three Fourths Home is ready for the jaded masses, I'll post a link in this section of the website as well as in the game's page in the "projects" tab. You can also go ahead and visit threefourthshome.com  , which will be the storefront for the game.

So, that's that. Welcome, new people and the couple of friends who had the misfortune of dealing with the headache that was the old site.